Hey I’m Kat! I am Australian and have been living abroad for the past 5 years across New Zealand, Los Angeles and most recently France.

I come from a fashion background, firstly as a magazine stylist and most recently as the Fashion Director of a global lifestyle brand. I have been responsible for large scale photo shoots around the world, managing teams of models, photographers and logistics. I thrive on a challenge and am most at home under pressure.

Having held several senior creative positions has lead me to where I am today and my most inspiring role yet as a wedding festival director!




Hello I’m Louise. Originally from London I fell head over heels for the Basque region and I have been living here for over 5 years now.

After working as a trend forecaster in Paris I moved to Biarritz and became a fashion designer for a global surf brand. Having also worked in fashion styling and interior styling, my job and passions have taken me all over the world absorbing colours, cultures and experiences.

I am now ready to bring them altogether and make your special day into a spectacular wedding festival!




Senior Global Art



Solution minded creative with big picture ideas. Kat will ensure your event is perfect. From the smallest details to the 30k foot view of what it takes to bring it all together. She has incredible style and the perfect eclectic taste curated from all of her globe trotting adventures. All of this wrapped up with one of the strongest work ethics and production backgrounds in the business, the perfect evening is guaranteed.



Creative Director


Over the past decade Kat developed her unique talents and skillset in the fashion industry, awarding her a thriving career. It is her passion, however, that is so evident in this project. With logistics running second nature, Kat’s pure-hearted approach to personal, once-in-a-lifetime events is evident in every detail of her productions, ensuring an evening fit for memory and frame alike.  



Digital Strategist

Kat is a one-stop shop, with decades of experience in high-stress fashion, lifestyle and media events across the globe. She's one of the most organised and professional people I've ever had the chance to work with.  Her creative vision and style concepting is unparalleled - she's able to capture the exact vision that a client has in mind.  I've had the pleasure of working with Kat for several years, she is a legend in her own right and I'd recommend her to any bride who wants a beautiful, stress-free day!




Events Manager,


I would trust Lou styling any environment- her eye for colour, and creating the perfect ambience with personal touches is amazing. She also works in such a calm and helpful manner that it feels like a dream! I am so excited to see what Kat and Lou will create with F&F and I am sure that before long there will be a real buzz around them! Any bride working with F&F is a very lucky bride!



Marketing Event



London & Berlin

I worked with Lou on the very creative Google House events, Lou was part of the interior styling and prop dressing team in Paris. From the planning right through to the onsite exhibition, Lou interpreted the brief and met our needs perfectly. She was an essential member of the team. We couldn't do without her and invited her back when the project ran a second year.


french-and-fahey-festival-french-wedding-planner-testimonial- simon-macgregor-pacsafe.jpg


VP Of Global Marketing


Kat is an extremely detailed orientated and highly organised individual. I relied on her frequently during my time at Quiksilver to deliver and produce creative concepts from strategy to execution for the brand at a local and international level. A motivated and professional individual, with a great eye for styling and detail, I look forward to watching this next chapter in Kats successful career.





With huge ambition and strong dreams, in 2017 we are opening the first festival wedding venue of its kind in the region. Having worked in high pressure and fast paced jobs around the world, we know what hard work looks like. 

With our start-up comes fresh ideas, lots of energy and a determination to create something fabulous for you. That’s a promise from us. We won't stop until every last detail is absolutely right. By booking with us for Summer & Autumn 2017, you will be one of the first clients to work with F&F! And you will benefit from our appropriately priced ’year 1’ scale. For more info on pricing, give us a call.