You and your guests are travelling to France for a weekend of a lifetime! With that comes a food and wine experience that you couldn't get at home. The Basque people have their own traditions that separate their culinary experience from your traditional French cuisine. We bring to you a menu that is a fusion of both cultures, focusing on fresh ingredients at all times and 100% locally sourced produce.

The Basque traditionally focus their cuisine on their positioning between the land & the seas, which means seafood on one hand and farm-to-table meats and veggies on the other. Catering to everyone!

The F&F food philosophy is all about family, festive, fresh food. Which to us means large family style plates designed to be passed around and shared with your loved ones.  After starting with Oysters fresh from the Atlantic, followed by post wedding ceremony Pintox (Basque tapas ) and then moving on to the main event- dinner!  We love embracing the culinary traditions of the Basque region, so why not opt for a méchoui? Your choice of meat & fish cooked over specially set up wood burners for your guests to watch and enjoy. This adds an authentic and delicious Basque experience and festival vibe to your day.

Combine this feast with large brightly coloured seasonal veggie and salad bowls, then finishing off with the very traditional gateaux Basque cakes and a French cheese table- your wedding feast will be one to remember!