No festival is complete without the option of camping! But not just any type of camping, we are talking about some pretty special bell tents to host your guests in true festival style! Decorated with the finest fabrics from Morocco and F&F styling touches, it's a real glamping experience! Your guests don’t need to bring a thing, its all set up and ready to go, bedside-table and all!

The F&F venue has up to 15 bell tents and can sleep up to 60 of your guests, in endless options of single and double configurations. You may think that some of your guests would be more comfortable in a boutique hotel in town, or even at the Palace hotel with sea views, that's no problem! We can work with you to find the most suitable accommodation for everyone. 

Booking of the Bell tents will be added to your quote upon F&F knowing guest numbers and nights required.



For locations able to facilitate glamping style accommodation, such as Maison Granada & Maison Tamarin, F&F will organise rustic restrooms for our campers. Our rural settings mean we aspire to as many eco friendly practices as possible, but that doesn't mean roughing it too much! Our toilet facilities will give Glastonbury or Burning Man a run for their money with luxe touches for your guests' comfort.

And for those lucky campers staying in our bell tent villages, we will solar showers and areas to get wedding ready, might not be good for your Granny but we are sure your festival ready friends will love it!